Patient-Centered Care

Naturopathic Doctors are trained to provide care that respects individual patient preferences, needs, and values. Your health concerns are important, your time is important, and having a right to choose your treatment plan is important.

Medically Trained, Naturally Focused

The four-year doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine covers nearly all medical conditions and their proper management. We combine conventional approaches with holistic traditional medicine to help you achieve better health.

Treat the Root Cause

Rather than just treating symptoms, NDs thoroughly investigate your medical case to identify the underlying cause of illness. By removing the cause, we restore the body to a state of wellness and vitality.

Dr. Ashley Girard, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Ashley Girard N.D. is a Naturopathic Doctor registered in good standing with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, and a graduate of the four-year doctorate program from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

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Telemedicine Consultations Available to residents of Ontario

To book an initial or follow-up consultation please contact Dr. Ashley Girard directly by email, phone, or fax:

Tel: (705) 770-7807
Fax: (705) 242-2717

Holistic Bladder Care

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Girard's clinical focus on bladder conditions please visit Holistic Bladder Care.